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(来源:沪江英语)Laughter and fun can breathe new life into your romance and relationship. Let’s explore ways to bring more fun into your romance!



  A couple that can laugh together will have a better chance of weathering the hard times. Laughter makes us all happier too. When you can laugh easily with your spouse life just seems better. Good things happen in your body when you laugh as well!


  First off, it is essential that you have a date night with your significant other every week. Your relationship with this person needs to be handled with care and you both owe each other that time to nurture it。


  Make it a rule that during that time you avoid talking about kids and work. This night is about the two of you and your relationship. You may not feel you have one outside of those two topics but you do. You got together for a reason and date night helps you remember and reinforce that reason。


  Not sure what to talk about outside of work and kids? Start by reminiscing about the early days and years. Then as you continue to have date nights and bring more fun into your romance you will have more positive shared experiences between the two of you to draw on for conversation。

  不知道除了工作和孩子外还能谈什么? 可以先从回忆早年的时光开始。然后随着约会之夜逐渐增多,往你的爱情中注入的乐趣也越来越多,你们之间会有更多美好的共同经历,这些经历可以作为谈话的内容。

  Try to avoid conflict discussions as well. Use this time to nurture your relationship, not cause more tension. Address those topics at a separate time, but keep date night sacred。


  Bring more fun into your romance this week with one of these ideas:


  1. The basic dinner and a movie can be fun. Try a new restaurant and then go see a comedy or an interesting indie movie together。

  吃顿晚餐、看场电影就很有趣。尝试新饭店, 然后一起看场喜剧或有趣的独立制作的电影。

  2. Enjoy a weekend away together. Even if you don’t leave your city, a weekend away brings a fresh perspective and fun, new experiences weekend。


  3. Attend a comedy show together。


  4. Go ice skating in the winter。


  5. Play charades. Have another couple over to make it even more fun. Once in awhile, a couples’ date night is a great way to shake things up (in a good way)。


  6. Rent a tandem bicycle at your local park。


  7. Dress up in silly costumes for an event. Not sure what type of event you would dress up for? Try one of these excuses:


  Renaissance festival 文艺复兴艺术节

  To see an 80s band 去看80年代乐队的演出

  To take part in a murder mystery live action game 参加神秘谋杀案现场动作游戏

  Attend a costume ball 参加化装舞会

  8. Visit the spa together to get a couples’ massage or pedicure。


  9. Find a local outdoor hot spring to enjoy. Some are even clothing optional after dark!


  10. Laugh in the bedroom more (find each others’ ticklish spots)。


  11. Cultivate inside jokes in your relationship. Come up with special names for each other or a 1 word reference to a humorous event that will make you both smile。


  12. Do the date activities you wanted to as a kid or teen:


  Attend a county fair 去赶集

  Play paintball together 一起玩彩弹球

  Play laser tag 一起玩激光束游戏

  Rent a paddle boat at a local lake 在当地的湖中租一艘划桨船

  Go to an amusement park 去游乐园玩

  Have a water balloon or water gun fight 玩水球或水枪

  Draw chalk pictures on the sidewalk 在人行道上用粉笔画画

  Go roller skating 滑旱冰

  13. Sing together. (Karaoke at home anyone?)


  14. Surprise your significant other with some new lingerie。


  15. Take up dancing together: ballroom, salsa, or country. Take your pick and get a free lesson at a local dance studio or bar。


  16. Cook a themed dinner together。


  17. Rent a convertible for the weekend and enjoy some beautiful scenic drives together。


  18. Visit a local winery or wine shop for a free tasting。


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